Body Mint Sport is the ultimate solution for Hawaii’s athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurists who want to tackle the never-ending struggle against body odors.

  • Launching in stores in September of 2010, Body Mint Sport will raise the bar in maintaining odor integrity during peak performance.
  • Innovative and easy—just two tablets daily— one in the morning and one in the evening.
  • Body Mint Sport tackles odors from the inside out, before they start, for 24/7 odor protection.
  • No worries about deodorants rubbing off or wearing off.
  • Made from healthy green ingredients, Body Mint Sport is THE alternative or addition to deodorants.
  • Body Mint Sport will go the distance with you even under extreme physical conditions like heat, sweat, and stress.

Body Mint Sport is a dietary supplement in the form of a healthy ‘green’ tablet.

  • The Body Mint Sport builds upon existing proprietary know-how to create a more potent odor defense tablet that works on or off the playing field.
  • Body Mint Sport now brings body odor confidence to athletes who value personal hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Added benefits for Body Mint Sport is also great smelling breath and feet and this scores points with the opposite sex!