What is Body Mint SPORT?

What is Body Mint SPORT?

Body Mint SPORT is the ultimate solution to internal deodorant protection.  Body Mint SPORT is designed for the most intense athletic man and woman who value the highest levels of personal hygiene.  Backed by 3 years of research, it’s Pro-Strength formula is designed to take odor protection up a notch when the game is at its most intense.  Underarm, sweat, body, breath and foot odors are a thing of the past.  No matter the heat, sweat or stress, Body Mint SPORT will keep you smelling great both on and off the court.


Powerful Deodorant Protection

Body Mint SPORT’s Pro-Strength formula is designed to handle the toughest underarm, sweat, body, breath and foot odors. No matter what sport you play or how active you are, Body Mint SPORT will go the distance for you. The base ingredient is chlorophyllin; a special derivative of chlorophyll. Each Body Mint SPORT tablet packs a solid 110mg of chlorophyllin to make sure you always smell your best. Feel confident; regardless of the period, inning or quarter, Body Mint SPORT comes through during crunch time!

Our manufacturing process is rigidly structured and controlled. We go to great lengths to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are used in EVERY tablet that we sell. Each batch of Body Mint SPORT is tested for efficacy, and our quality control procedures are second to none. Every step along the way has been designed to ensure that you the customer is buying the absolute best of what we have to offer.

Our formula and manufacturing process is the key to Body Mint SPORT’s success. The result has been both national and international recognition of Body Mint SPORT as a reliable and effective deodorant tablet. We take great pride in the quality of our product, and our primary goal is your complete satisfaction.


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Healthy & Packed with Antioxidants

In addition to not having any harsh chemicals, Body Mint SPORT is also packed with antioxidants. With growing health concerns and a bigger emphasis on a healthier style of living, Body Mint SPORT is at the forefront of offering a healthy solution to deodorant protection to men and women around the world.


Works Internally

Unlike topical deodorants, sprays, powders and breath mints, Body Mint SPORT does not mask odors. It works naturally from within to alleviate everyday odors before they are excreted through the skin and breath. Taken twice a day, Body Mint SPORT is constantly working day and night. It doesn’t require reapplication and won’t rub or wear off.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We here at Body Mint SPORT are committed to your complete satisfaction with our product. If you are unsatisfied with the result, we will gladly refund you the cost of the product. We only ask that all refunds be requested within 30 days from the time you received your order. For more information regarding our refund policy, please visit the FAQ section.