What is Body Mint SPORT?

Body Mint SPORT is a dietary supplement in the form of a small green tablet that works naturally to minimize everyday body, breath and foot odors. It’s Pro-Strength formula makes it ideal for those who live extremely active and athletic lifestyles.


What odor does Body Mint SPORT Work on?

Here’s the genius of Body Mint SPORT – because you ingest it, it works on BREATH, UNDERARM, PERSPIRATION AND FOOT odors at the same time.

As a dietary supplement, Body Mint SPORT works to alleviate body odors internally before they become external. It’s not topical and isolated to one area. It doesn’t mask odors with perfumes or cover up bacteria with a roll-on, stick or spray.


What is Body Mint SPORT made of?

Body Mint SPORT is made from many natural, plant-based ingredients, including chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll, which is found in all green plants and gives plants their green color. Chlorophyllin is a water-soluble derivative of chlorophyll. Water solubility is believed to enhance the bioavailability of chlorophyll.


How does Body Mint SPORT work?

Unlike most deodorizing products, Body Mint SPORT is not a cover up and works internally to naturally minimize everyday body odors.

We all live in concert with a vast population of bacteria inside, on and about our bodies. This is perfectly natural – for example, we need these little friends to digest our food. However, a side effect of this population of bacteria is that these little rascals produce odor causing waste products which are emitted with our own natural wastes and emissions through our breath, perspiration, etc.) Body Mint SPORT’s formula does not kill bacteria or interfere with any metabolic processes of the body but Body Mint SPORT rather simply and naturally absorbs much of the odor causing compounds internally before they are excreted from the body making us smell unpleasant. So as you still naturally breathe and sweat, you will still smell clean and fresh.


Why is Body Mint SPORT a healthier solution to odor protection?

It’s pretty simple – what’s in it and what’s not. Body Mint SPORT is made from ingestible, leafy greens that are a powerful source of antioxidants. It contains no harmful chemicals.

What you won’t find in Body Mint SPORT are aluminum compounds (added to antiperspirants). Antiperspirants block pores with aluminum salt to prevent sweating. The aluminum salts interfere with the body’s natural cooling and waste process. Also, conventional deodorants contain chemicals such as propylene glycol, silicone, sulfates, and synthetic dyes. Body Mint SPORT does not.


Why use Body Mint SPORT over other chlorophyll products?

With the goal of minimizing everyday body odors, the Body Mint formula was carefully developed over a 3-year period yielding 4 trade secrets we now use to bring you a superior product that does what it says. During that time, we experimented with multiple formulations until we found the right selection and combination of plant-based materials and manufacturing processes that proved to be the most effective at minimizing breath, underarm, foot and perspiration odor continuously when taken as directed.

Body Mint SPORT is manufactured in the United States and our manufacturing facility and manufacturing processes are fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices established by the U.S., FDA for dietary supplements. This standard means that a 3rd party institution needs to verify and certify our manufacturing facility to ensure that it is mGMP compliant.  In addition, we routinely test each batch of our raw ingredients and finished tablets for content and microbials with a 3rd Party laboratory both pre and post production which is beyond industry practice and what is required by the FDA for dietary supplements. The purity of ingredients and carefully controlled manufacturing used to produce Body Mint SPORT yields a supplement with a 12 year track record of proven quality, efficacy and stability.


Does Body Mint SPORT really work?


Generally, natural deodorants don’t contain potentially harmful chemicals, but many also have a poor record for effective, long-lasting performance. Body Mint works day and night if taken as suggested and actually works internally to naturally absorb odor causing compounds from our natural waste systems or food we ingest that would normally be excreted along with our wastes through breath and perspiration.


How do I take Body Mint SPORT?

You swallow one tablet with liquid in the morning and one tablet with liquid in the evening (just like your vitamins) for 24-hour protection. Body Mint SPORT may be taken with or without food.


How long does it take for Body Mint SPORT to work?

Most people usually notice a difference in less than a week. The time for Body Mint SPORT to reach full effectiveness will vary. Best results are achieved by maintaining a consistent schedule. If you miss taking one or two tablets, simply return to your regular schedule as quickly as possible. Should you stop taking the tablets for a prolonged period, simply start anew as body odor will return the longer you go without Body Mint SPORT.


Why is my stool green?

The concentrated, healthy greens in Body Mint SPORT will cause most people’s stool to be greenish in color, but that’s a good thing. Although results vary, many customers feel that Body Mint SPORT helps to keep them regular and that’s a good thing too.


Are there any serious side effects?

No. Various forms of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins have been used in the health industry for over 50 years. There are many government studies and research from respected institutions such as The Linus Pauling Institute which talk of the health benefits of using chlorophyllins. In the small minority of cases, chlorophylls and chlorophyllins may cause diarrhea and cramping. If this happens, we recommend you discontinue use of the tablets.

As with all dietary supplements, if you are pregnant, nursing, on medication or with a medical condition please consult a doctor before use.


Who uses Body Mint SPORT?

Body Mint SPORT is the #1 choice for health conscious athletes and fitness enthusiasts who take pride in their personal hygiene. Whether on or off the court, Body Mint SPORT provides the highest levels of odor protection keeping you confident and always on top of your game.


Have animals been used in the testing of Body Mint SPORT?

Body Mint SPORT has never been tested on animals and never will be.


Is Body Mint SPORT Earth friendly?

Yes! Our bottles and packaging are made from earth-friendly, recyclable materials.


Return & Refund Policy

Body Mint SPORT offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the results of Body Mint SPORT we will refund you the cost of the product. Please see the Return Guidelines for more information.


Will the shipping cost be refunded?

Unfortunately, we do not refund the shipping costs. Shipping cost to send the product back to us for return may be refunded under certain circumstances. Please see the Return Guidelines for more information.


Return Guidelines

1. Customer is responsible for the cost of the shipping charges to return item(s), unless:

  • Item(s) shipped were not the same as ordered.
  • Item(s) shipped had expired dates or was defective.

If either of the above circumstances apply, then Body Mint SPORT will cover the cost of shipping the product back to us. This will be handled in the form of a refund to the customer.

2. Money will be refunded once the items returned have been received by Body Mint SPORT. It is advisable to have a tracking number in hand.

3. Item(s) must be returned within 30 days of receipt by customer to qualify for a refund.

4. Refund will be made via the same method of payment of initial purchase. (i.e. If you purchased with a Visa credit card, then the refund will be issued to that same Visa credit card.)

5. The total amount of the refund will be for the actual item(s) returned and will be for the original purchase price at the time of sale.